Ocicat & Classic Society

The Beginning

The Ocicat & Classic Society (O&CS) was set up by a small group of Ocicat Breeders, Owners and Classic Friends, to advance the Ocicat Classic and their Ocicat Breed sisters.

Originally called the Ocicat Classic Cat Club. The Club was initially formed on 29th April 2012. Club Members have, from the beginning, had much success in GCCF shows. Member’s  Cats have gained Champion, Premier, Grand Champion, Grand Premier and Imperial Grand Champion titles.


After a rocky start, the Club was recognised by the GCCF as a  Provisional member club in 2014.

The GCCF Council meeting in June 2015 renamed the Ocicat Classic breed ‘Aztec’.  Following the renaming of the Ocicat Classic Breed, the Club changed its name to Aztec Cat Club in October 2015.

the Aztec name caused many difficulties for breeders and exhibitors, so in 2022 the BAC requested that the breed name revert to Ocicat Classic. The GCCF accepted the name change at the Council Meeting in February 2023

Full Membership

The GCCF Board recognised the O&CS as a Full Member Club of GCCF in January of 2017.

Following full recognition, the society immediately became a member of the Ocicat and Ocicat Classic Breed Advisory Committee. The club continues to be an active member of the BAC.

From May 2022 we are the ONLY club sitting on the GCCF BAC

Aztec and Ocicat Society

Club members noticed, specifically at the 2018 GCCF Supreme Show, that with the Club name changed to Aztec Cat Club. Following our name change, many people did not realise that the Club represented Ocicats of all patterns. The club Committee wrote to The GCCF board to request that the name of the club be changed to visibly represent all Ocicats. The Board agreed, after several suggestions, for the club name to be changed to Aztec and Ocicat Society.

Ocicat & Classic Society

Following the breed name change of the Aztec back to Ocicat Classic, The Membership of the Society voted to change the society name to Ocica and Classi Society (O&CS)


New members are always welcome. For more information please go to our Membership Page


The O&CS have been active members of the GCCF  Ocicat and Ocicat Classic Breed Advisory Committee since we became full members of the GCCF. We are now the ONLY Breed Club representing our breed in the GCCF, therefore the only club sitting on the BAC