Breed Advisory Committee for the Ocicat and Aztec breeds

Working in the best interests of our breeds, by providing information, support and guidance to owners, breeders and judges.

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What is a Breed Advisory Committee (BAC)?

A Breed Advisory Committee (BAC) consists of representatives from the relevant Breed Clubs which are full member Clubs of the GCCF.  There is a BAC for each breed with a responsibility to work in the interests of its Breed(s) by establishing, monitoring and maintaining its Breeding Policy, Registration Policy and Standards of Points.

The BAC is responsible for monitoring the progress of qualified GCCF stewards wishing to become Pupil Judges on the BAC’s list, recommending to Council the appointment of and supporting and monitoring Pupil Judges through the judge appointment scheme, and recommending suitably qualified judges to Council for appointment as Full Judges.

The BAC also monitors the Full Judges of its breeds, provides a forum for discussion between its Constituent Clubs, as well as organising breed seminars to showcase and offer training and guidance on their breeds.
This BAC considers all aspects of the Ocicat and Aztec Breeds, operates in accordance with its Constitution which is approved by the GCCF’s Board of Directors and is the sole group recognised as the advisory/recommending body for these breeds to the GCCF Council.


Who is on the Ocicat and Aztec BAC?

The Ocicat and Aztec BAC is made up of:
The officers and committee members of the Aztec and Ocicat Society

The Chairman:  Owen Maudlin  Email
The Vice-Chairman:  TBA
The Secretary: Monika Maudlin  Email
The Treasurer: Anita Bruce  Email

The constituent Clubs are:

The Aztec and Ocicat Society


The Breeding Policy for Ocicat and Aztec Cats

Breeding PolicyThe aim of this breeding policy is to give advice and guidance to breeders to enable them to observe what is considered “best practice” in breeding Ocicat and Aztec cats. The over-riding factor should always be to maintain health, and preserve the unique qualities of these stunning breeds, type, coat colour, pattern, conformation and temperament, which make them sought after both for showing and as wonderful family pets. The breeding policy accompanies and supplements the Registration Policies and should be read in conjunction with those documents.

←  Click image or here to download (PDF)



The GCCF Breeding Policy

This policy applies to all breeds recognised by the GCCF and is intended to provide guidelines to ensure healthy breeding practices.  The General Breeding Policy offers advice and guidance for the dedicated and ethical breeder to develop and progress any pedigree breed to maintain a robust, healthy and viable breeding population of any given breed through consideration of the genetic outcome of any breeding programme.

↓  Summary of the GCCF Breeding Policy

Registration Policies

The Registration Policy for each breed given guidance and information on how to use the GCCF registers. Information includes Breed Numbers and permitted cats for outcross,  how to register imports and variants, as well as listing any requirements for genetic testing.  These policies are an essential asset for breeders.

↓  The Registration Policy for the Ocicat (PDF)

↓  The Registration Policy for the Aztec (PDF)

Ocicat and Aztec Breed Standards

Click on the links below to download breed standards

The Standard of Points for the Ocicat breed

The Standard of Points for the Aztec breed

BAC Docs

Philosophy and Principles of the Judge Appointment Scheme including the BAC CONSTITUTION



FORMS 1 – 6 are in conjunction with the Guild of GCCF Judges & Stewards for the Stewarding Scheme and are supplied by the Guild, or can be downloaded HERE

FORMS 7 – 19 (as listed below) will be sent to the candidate as applicable, or are available on request from the BAC Secretary


7. Application to Register into the Judge Appointment Scheme with a BAC

8. Application form to join BAC Stewarding Section of the Judge Appointment Scheme

9. BAC Stewarding certificate. Sections A/B and C

10. Evidence of Veterinary Tuition

11. Application form for Nomination as a Probationer Judge via Stewarding Scheme

12. Application form for Nomination as a Probationer Judge from Full Judge of Another Breed List

13. Application to Register into the Judge Appointment Scheme from a Judge from another organisation

14. Application form for Nomination as a Probationer Judge from a Judge from another organisation

15a. Tutorial notification (Show)

15b Tutorial notification (Seminar)

16. Veterinary Assessment form

17. Probationer Judge Assessment form

18. Application form for Nomination for Promotion to Full Judge

19. Application form for Re-Application for consideration for Promotion to Full Judge


GCCF – The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

Breed Clubs

The Aztec & Ocicat Society

GCCF recommended laboratories for genetic testing

Bristol Veterinary College  – discounts available for GCCF Club members*

UC Davis

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